We interview Marlen Pedraza, a nutritionist, to know more about nutrition and how to eat healthy. We asked her the following question:

1- Why is important to start eating healthy?

Having a healthy life will help us in the future, it will help us reduce the probabilities of having health problem also problems of attention and even of sleep

2- Which food is the most recommended?

Olive oil, grilled fish, vegetables, two pieces of fresh fruit daily minimum, grilled meat that have little fat and no more than three times a week, eggs (one or two a week), milk (if well tolerated, best yogurt or other dairy products), pasta, rice, baked potatoes or cooked and in moderation.

3- Which type of food we shouldn’t  eat?

Processed Meats,  oils, popcorn in microwave, artificial sweeteners.

4- How many meals a day are suggested?

Many nutritionists suggest that eating breakfast helps burn fat and to eat between five to six times a day prevents your metabolism from getting slower.

5- Does a normal healhy person that eats a balanced diet and does exercise needs vitamins supplement?

No, but if the person does not exercises, is pregnant, have a risk of illness or something specific, then it is advisable to include as a preventive method or an antioxidant method.

6- How many times do I have to eat fruits in a day?

2 to 3 fruits a day.

7- How many dairy products must be consumed to satisfy calcium needs?

These requirements vary depending on age and physiological state.

8- How often should we eat fish and meat?

It is recommended to consume 700 g of fish per week , equivalent to about three or four weekly servings. It is desirable a moderate intake of meat.

9- Do diets are the same for everyone?

No, because everyone has  a different body, a different organism,etc. and that’s why everyone needs a different diet, also they are prescribed by the constitution of the body, weight, and how do they eat.

10- What is nutritionist base to measure the dairy requirements of an organism?

Accurate knowledge of nutritional physiology of their digestion, absorption, cellular transport, metabolism, excretion and retention.

11-What are the costs of a professional guidance in health food?

Depends on the clinic, they can charge $600 to $800 per consult, also depends on the problem you want to solve.

12-Should we drink water during meals or between meals?

Drink only between meals exposes not to drink enough water during the day. You need to take the opportunity to drink in the meals.

13-How many proteins are needed by the body?

Our body requires a daily intake of 0.8 grams of protein per kilo of body mass in people who do not do much exercise. The more active person, it takes from 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per kilo of body weight.

14- The nutritional properties of food change when freezing?

Guarantees 100% preservation not only of its nutritional properties but also organoleptic properties.

15-Is it appropriate to drink plenty of fluids?

Of course, our body need lots of water. Under normal conditions we must consume about 2 liters of water per day.