The healthy eating pyramid has always been a good source to start learning how to eat really well. Although almost all the pyramids you can find are really similar, it has developed and evolved throughout the years.Health Eating Pyramid_1200x1200_FINAL

As you can see in the image the development of the pyramid, we will not use any of this two. A new pyramid was built by the faculty in the Department of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health. 

This pyramid contains a more detailed view of how you can start working on your diet.



Copyright © 2008 President and Fellows of Harvard College.                   

 The pyramid is divided by 3 sections: the bottom, the top and a separate part.

The bottom layer represents exercise, weight control and a complete diet. It is like this because the majority of people doesn´t realize that health problems are not only cause by the way they eat, but also by the way of their lives, if they are sedentary or not.

The next layer gives equality between the cereals and vegetables and fruits, leaving a small part for the good fats like olive oil. We need to know that cereals in this area are natural ones, not commercial bread or bread with a lot of sugar and fat like doughnuts.

The third layer from the bottom to the top contains legumes and food of animal origin, most accurately chicken, meat or seafood. It´s preferable to eat meat without hormones place on the animals and plants that are not transgenic.

The next level represents the products of animal origin like cheese or milk. That kind of milk is not made for us because the human body don´t respond well to it. You can drink as substitution almond milk.

The top layer of the pyramid is made up of bad fats and junk foods. This is the worse type of food you can eat because it doesn´t give anything good to your body. Remember that businesses just want to sell and not always they are going to sell you good food, but instead something you can become addicted to and with a lot of sugars for you to like it.

Separated from the pyramid, alcohol is optional in a moderated amount, but not for everyone and daily multavitamin is considered good for most people.

The bottom layers are the foods you can eat the most, and the top ones are the ones you must avoid.

Now that you learn more about the healthy eating pyramid, you can start applying it to your daily life.

Valeria Yañez


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